How Effective is Laser Hair Restoration?

When people go to their doctors to seek help with their balding head, doctors usually recommend laser hair restoration. This laser technology is the result of years of research in this area. Studies have shown that hair grows in a precise pattern or cycle. Hair has a cycle that lasts between two to three years. The hair growth stage of the cycle is very important for laser hair growth because this is the perfect time to apply it.

Laser hair restoration enables the hair to grow in a safe and healthy way compared to other traditional solutions. There have been countless of people who have successfully undergone laser hair treatment with great results. They have noticed a significant progress in their hair's condition since they started their laser therapy. You can do laser hair treatment in a medical facility or at home. There are special laser devices designed for home use. It is important that you follow the manufacturer's instruction when use it at home.To read more about Therapy for Hair Loss,visit  laser for hair loss. If you buy this device, you would need a doctor's prescription. Otherwise, there are risks to using it.

Laser hair growth procedure is very simple. You need to consult with a doctor before undergoing this treatment. You hair wil be examined by the doctor to determine which part of the growth cycle your hair is in, and whether or not it is possible for you to go for this therapy. 

After determining this, you will then have your laser treatment. In the clinic you will have several visits during a period of time which your doctor will set after the examination. The frequency of the visits will depend on the condition of your hair. It is not complicated to understand the way laser hair treatment enables the fallen hair to regrow. 

Studies have shown that once hair follicles die, you can no longer revive them.Read more about Therapy for Hair Loss from  hair growth laser. No technology can do this. Laser, then uses the same wavelength of the energy that hair growth requires to increase the blood flow, which stimulates the dead hair follicles. 
If you are doing laser therapy at home or in a clinic, every laser based treatment that specializes to regrow hair uses the procedures that are described above.

People that have undergone laser hair restoration have experienced success. Doctors highly recommend this method as an alternative to hair transplant or surgery. They give other products like special creams or oils that you need to use along with the laser treatment in order to achieve the best results.Learn more about Therapy for Hair Loss from